Private Boat Trips in Zakynthos!


Welcome to Zafeiris Cruises!
We organize private boat tours with small boats where you can visit the Shipwreck, the Blue Caves and other beautiful beaches unreachable by car that you can swim in and explore the bottom of the sea!

Life vest

Safety First

Safety is our first priority in Zafeiris Cruises. We operate by the maximum safety standards.


Private Boat Trips

We offer you exclusive boat tours
with professional crew.


Rent a boat

You can rent the Andriani without Skipper.
No License Required.

Photo camera


Discover hidden beaches that
you can’t reach by car.

Snorkeling mask


We provide you snorkeling masks
to explore Zakinthos seabed.

Our Boats


Adriani (up to 7 Passengers)


Maria (up to 12 Passengers)


Anastasia (up to 8 Passengers)


ALL BOATS INCLUDE: Snorkeling Mask, Snacks, Cooler Box, GPS Tracking, Insurance (3rd party)

Private Trips


Zafeiris Cruises offer you the chance to explore hidden spots and visit the most famous and beautiful destinations.

You can choose your stops depending on your preferences.

Shipwreck Beach / Blue Caves


One of the most famous places on earth is ready to welcome you. The soft white sand and exotic waters of Shipwreck will surely take your breath away. Combined with a visit to Blue caves, you trip will be an unforgettable experience. Of course, you can’t leave behind the island’s -best kept- secrets, the beautiful hidden beaches accesible only by the sea, that our skippers will make sure you discover

Blue Caves


Discover one of Zakinthos’ best spots and get ready for a truly magical experience. Our experienced skippers will guide you and ensure your visit inside the caves for the most amazing photos. Explore the crystal clear waters and unique rock formations through swimming and snorkelling with the fish.



Is there anything more romantic than a trip to the shipwreck and blue caves during sunset? Watch the sun disappear into the sea and get mesmerised by the picturesque view. Perfect for celebrating special occasions, anniversaries and proposals

Around the Island


Let the adventure begin and explore every treasure zakynthos has to offer in a day. With 10+ stops it is ensured you will not miss a single spot of the island. Shipwreck, Blue caves, Myzithres and Turtle island is only a few of the majestic places you will visit. Keep an eye on the water and if you are lucky enough you have the chance to spot turtles, dolphins and even seals

The duration of our boat tours can be adjusted according to your schedule.
Departure time is decided after contacting with you as well as duration of the trip if you want less or more time.

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