Private Day Boat Trips in Zakynthos!


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We organize private boat tours with small boats where you can visit the Shipwreck, the Blue Caves and other beautiful beaches unreachable by car that you can swim in and explore the bottom of the sea!

Life vest

Safety First

Safety is our first priority in Zafeiris Cruises. We operate by the maximum safety standards.


Private Boat Trips

We offer you exclusive boat tours
with professional crew.


Be a Skipper

You can rent the Saver 520 without Skipper.
No License Required.

Photo camera


Discover hidden beaches that
you can’t reach by car.

Snorkeling mask


We provide you snorkeling masks
to explore Zakinthos seabed.

Our Boats


Adriani (up to 7 Passengers)


All Boats Include:
Snorkeling Masks
Cooler Box
GPS Tracking
Insurance (3rd party)

Maria (up to 12 Passengers)


Anastasia (up to 5 Passengers)


All Boats Include:
Snorkeling Masks
Cooler Box
GPS Tracking
Insurance (3rd party)



Zafeiris Cruises offer you the chance to explore hidden spots and visit the most famous and beautiful destinations.

You can choose your stops depending on your preferences.

Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos | Zafeiris Cruises

Shipwreck Beach

It is a famous beach on the east side of the island. Clear waters, white sand, impressive cliffs and the half-submerged trunk of the ship Panagiotis compose a fantastic setting. The shipwreck is dated to 1983, the ship sank while carrying smuggled cigarettes.

Even today the beach has access only from the sea.

Blue Caves, Zakynthos | Zafeiris Cruises

Blue Caves

Their name is due to the special reflections that the water takes inside them it looks like a long chamber of caves that end in the Small and the Big Cave. The largest cave is called the Blue Cave with domes and carvings on the rocks.

Xigia, Zakynthos | Zafeiris Cruises


Xygia is the name of a small, picturesque beach of Zakynthos with clear blue waters. It is located in the northern part of the island. Apart from its wonderful landscape, the beach is known as the only one with thermal waters on the island. In particular, there is a high content of sulfur secreted from nearby caves. Therefore, it is a popular destination for people suffering from arthritis or skin problems.

Agios Andreas, Zakynthos | Zafeiris Cruises

Agios Andreas

Agios Andreas is a rocky islet of the Ionian Sea on the northwest coast of Zakynthos. Its named after the monastery of Agios Andreas that existed earlier from which the ruins of a defensive wall are preserved. It has unique clear blue waters.

The duration of our boat tours is 3 to 3,5 hours.
Departure time is decided after contacting with you as well as duration of the trip if you want less or more time.

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